Eugene updates! Two! Bonus!

From very different lifestyles:

A man rode by me on his bike (on the sidewalk). He was towing one of those kid- & stuff-carriers, but the top was completely removed to make room for his GIANT, yellow-and-white, stuffed monkey. It rocked & bobbed in its seat.

Meanwhile, on campus, hundreds of frat boys are running around in packs of identical t-shirt-wearing, loud, chanting testosterone. They sing frat songs that degrade into passionate sentences consisting entirely of cusses, affirmations (mostly YEAH!) and nonverbal hollering (WOOOOOO!), occasionally turn to “USA! USA! USA! USA!” and then weave back into frat songs, sung/shouted in unison. Some are chanting so passionately they sound like they’re crying. A few are running around with giant American flags streaming behind them. They just moved to the bars, I can hear them two blocks away. Time to go home…


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