Eugene update!

I heard loud, mechanical noises and…screaming? Little dogs yipping? Silence. Noise and screaming/yipping. Three or more times. Was someone torturing another with a chainsaw? Toward campus and the horrible noises I nervously piloted my bicycle. And then nearly fell off it laughing.
A hapless gardener stood in a yard with a leaf blower.

Next door, maybe 8′ away, plastered against the hurricane fence, was a pile of children at the Montessori preschool, their fingers wrapped around the chain-link, gleefully anticipating the blast of noise that allowed them to scream their tiny heads off without getting in trouble.

He pleaded with his eyes for me to help him or tell him what to do. I smiled and shrugged, hoping to convey that kids are hilarious (jerks) and he should enjoy that for once an entire audience LOVED him and his brain-rattling cacophony.
As I rounded the corner, I heard the blower and joyful screaming. I’m sure he was rolling his eyes, and heaving sighs.

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