Eugene update!

The couple in front of me at the new (to me) cafe (Noisette – go there, it’s delicious!) was being very slow and obfuscatory. I’ve come to expect such nonsense, but it gave me time to fully peruse the selection, so I didn’t mind. Also, it was warm in there. I finally settled on a cookie, found out they make *real* hot chocolate, and left.
As I was fiddling with my bike, a middle-aged man appeared, upside-down on the other side of my wheel. He was quite distressed and apologizing profusely. I stood up, ready to unleash hell for whatever he did to my bike. But it turns out he thought I was in a hurry and he felt bad for holding me up in the cafe. We smoked out, sang Kumbaya, and parted with tearful hugs. Some of this story may be made up.


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