Eugene update!

I haven’t been very inspired recently. Gettin’ back into it…

Sane Eugenians lose it when summer starts hinting at autumn. The first rain showers make them seem like PTSD sufferers: “I’m not ready!” “Just a couple more days of sun!” I’m surprised I don’t see people in the fetal position sobbing. I get it- last fall/winter/spring (it was basically one season) was a dreary nightmare. I’ve never been so happy for summer, or so nervous about rain & darkness.

INsane Eugenians, on the other hand, seem to get loud and cranky (there should be a word for this, like “crunk”) when spring seems imminent. Yesterday it was a dude yelling angry nonsense at cyclists, then someone shouting in the park late at night. Today it’s pissed off teenagers dressed like early-20thC carnies growling lame taunts at one another. Finally, someone shit on my lawn.


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