Eugene update!

It’s sounded for the past half hour or so (It’s 11:30pm) like someone is wandering around in the vicinity of my house with a chainsaw. How easily could someone with a chainsaw whack their way in here? Are they very good at chopping vertically? I’ve only used them to cut horizontally.

Anyway, it finally got close enough for me to see what it is: some dude in a cut-up tank top with a red cap on backwards on the tiniest motorcycle-looking thing I have ever seen. It’s so tiny, his knees are almost on the ground. He looks like a cracked-out, angry clown. What it lacks in size, however, it makes up in intensely irritating noise.

He came zipping by following a real motorcycle, scaring the crap out of some bicyclist. He soon came zipping right back up the street, into the park, across the grass, into the playground…

I heard a siren a few minutes ago & suddenly the noise is gone. Hmmm…


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