Eugene update!

Busy day out here:

This morning, tents were set up across the street. Cones were set up in the road. Then, a deep male voice started booming over loudspeakers. Which was quite jarring when unexpected. Soon, indoctrination of the Young Hippies of America (YHA) was in full swing. Jam bands filled the air. The ice cream truck showed up, with new tunes! I was amused by peeking out occasionally, wondering at the rivers of people flowing past my windows, and being surprised by what came on the stage next. It provided a bizarre backdrop to my day.

Next up is something I suddenly forgot, but I’ll add later.

Finally, as I started writing this, I heard someone preaching his way down the street: Hell and brimstone and we’re all sinners. I looked out to see an overweight man walking fairly quickly with his daughter. Behind them was a young woman in short-shorts trying to ride a longboard. Finally, the preacher. It looked like the first three were trying to ignore & evade the loud preacher, but as they passed my window the girl on the skateboard nonchalantly, while trying a new way of mounting her longboard, reminded him he, “forgot the part about the garden of the devil.” Preacher-man stopped a second, thought, and started booming again, this time with arms flailing. AND I HAVE SEEN THE GARDEN OF THE DEVIL AND BEEN DELIVERED TO THE ARMS OF THE CHRIST OUR LORD! He scared the pants off everyone else walking by.


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