Eugene Update!

Two things tonight!

1) Someone knocked on my door around 9am. Not expecting anyone, I was hesitant. I looked through the blinds and there was a scruffy-looking guy that I didn’t recognize. He was standing back from the door quite a ways, and didn’t seem threatening, so I cautiously opened the door. His first words were, “Hello, I’m not soliciting or anything!” Which was in response to my most excellent homemade NO SOLICITORS sign. So that was weird. But then he said, “I noticed you have a bunch of glass bottles down there, and I wondered if I ran and got a bag, if you would mind if I took some.” The two bins are FULL of glass. We never take it to the curb, and at this point it’s so heavy there’s no way it’s going out. So I told him sure thing. He disappeared, came back with a Hefty bag, took a good load of them, and shouted “thank you!” on his way out. I thought it was really cool that he asked, when most will just rummage through it in the middle of the night and scare me half to death.

2) After the dudes walking down the street around midnight, shouting cusses at one another followed by CALM DOWN SHUT UP NO YOU SHUT UP…the woman walking down the street playing accordion at 2:15am on a Thursday was a real treat. Even had she not been juxtaposed against those turds, she played some pretty music. Though loud. I don’t know how my neighbors (on normal schedules) put up with it. My neighborhood: never boring. Ever.


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