Eugene update!

Today was a pretty warm day after a week or two of rain and/or cold. That means the crazy is in the park:

I came home to some guy at the park yelling “CARTWHEEL! CARTWHEEL!”…pause “no, CARTWHEEL!” “Cartwheel? CARTWHEEL CARTWHEEL!” Then the woman he was probably yelling at started yelling at him.

Another couple joined in the fun and had a shouting match!

As soon as that calmed down, someone started making horrible noises with a saxophone. You probably know that I hate most “good” saxophone, so this bad impersonation of that Sesame Street saxophone factory vignette is pretty much torture. Someone walking by, a.k.a. my new best friend, right when he started, exclaimed in surprise, “oh! NO! AAAHhhhhh!”


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